Claude VonStroke releases fitting new single, ‘I’m Solo’

Claude VonStroke may have released his sixth full length album less than two months ago, but that hasn’t stopped the producer from putting out new music. VonStroke is out with a smooth new single, “I’m Solo,” featuring Barry Drift. While thematically in line with the current COVID-19 isolation mandates, the single was indeed created and ready for release before the global pandemic.

“I’m Solo” showcases the best of VonStroke’s tech house prowess through dancing piano notes, humming synths, and Drift’s smooth vocals in the introduction. The production backdrop builds into a thumping bassline that ebs and flows until a hectic synth progression takes over the release.

“I’m Solo” is the perfect accompaniment for a virtual house party needing a subtle yet energizing backdrop. The release is out now VonStroke’s own DirtyBird.

Photo credit: Aaron Glassman