CloZee’s ‘Emergence’ Compilation via Gravitas Recordings

After kicking off her career with Gravitas Recordings in 2013 and more recently starting her own Odyzey Records imprint, CloZee returns to the Gravitas label debuting her very first compilation, Emergence.

CloZee’s relationship with the record label has been a long-standing one as she first emerged as an artist, impressing Gravitas Recordings label boss Jesse Brede with her entry to Gravitas hosted Cheyah remix competition. Since moving on with her impressive career, unleashing works alongside the label, CloZee now returns to the root of it all. CloZee is a pioneer in her own right with the unique sound she has developed. Finally, CloZee unveils the next wave of artists with her hand-selected compilation.

The Sounds of Emergence: Curated by CloZee

The compilation spans 15 tracks, championing familiar names such as Fakear, Esseks, Dreamers Delight, and more. Notably, Essek’s track “Ellie’s Nap” and Fakear’s “Sanctuary” were released earlier this month prior to the curated compilation’s release. The two singles laid the groundwork in drumming up anticipation.

Meanwhile, CloZee tastefully selects tracks from up-and-coming artists such as NotLö and capshun, plus more.

The Emergence compilation engrosses all listeners into an otherworldly soundscape. Each artist appropriately takes the helm with their sound, injecting a sense of hope and tranquility deep into the atmosphere.

From the euphoric state of mind that Dreamers Delight’s “Galactic Ambassador” puts listeners in, to the primal and soothing beats of Skysia’s “Kailasa,” Emergence drifts across the board with a sound for every taste. Moreover, the compilation closely resembles CloZee’s own brand as it nourishes souls with its soft sounds. The compilation successfully lands its mark of providing a soundtrack of hope and beauty amid tumultuous times.

In addition to releasing the Emergence compilation, CloZee, along with Gravitas Recordings, will host the Emergence Festival, slated to debut today on Saturday, February 27, 2021. To RSVP and view full details regarding the Emergence Festival, visit the Gravitas Recordings website.

Listen to the Emergence compilation below or stream the album via your preferred music platform.