Coka Cobra Debuts on Tchami’s CONFESSION Label With ‘Wind Up’

Emerging from the shadows of the underground comes Coka Cobra. The Vancouver-based producer is here to shake up the electronic music scene with an aggressive, innovative and energetic approach. His breakout single “Wind Up” is out on Tchami’s esteemed CONFESSION label now for all ears. The track has already garnered major attention including support from legends like 4B at Digital Mirage and AC Slater during his Night Bass Livestream Vol. 7.

“Wind Up” is sure to feel at home at major festivals or dark and gritty clubs. The builds possess an anthemic energy that drives the excitement to a peak. The drops deliver a lethal dose of originality, flipping the bass house genre on its head. Bouncy, addictive and dark, you won’t be able to stop listening to “Wind Up.”

“The goal was to channel pure festival energy and create a sound that catches people off guard in the best way possible when the drop hits. A house banger that rides the line between aggressive, tasteful and innovative.” Coka Cobra

Listen to “Wind Up” on your favorite platform here, or find it below on Spotify.