Coka Cobra Drops Wild G-House Banger ‘FYB’

Hot off his breakout release on Confession and a stellar collaboration with Walschlager, Coka Cobra returns with a relentless house weapon entitled ‘FYB’. Raw and ruthless pitched-down rap vocals serve as the foundation of the track. The first drop comes out screaming with energy on 10 before smoothing out into a bouncy G-House groove. The breaks reset the energy and rebuild for an even bigger back half. The bass punches harder and deeper in the final drop taking speakers and headphones to the max. Transport yourself to the club and embrace the power with ‘FYB.’ This is just a taste of what’s to come from the rising star in 2021. 

The vocals originated as an off-the-cuff freestyle from an unknown MC who has never been on the mic since. Legend has it these are the only words he's ever spoken on record. In keeping with the tradition of ignorant club music, the beat manifested itself around the words and ‘FYB’ was born. Coka Cobra