Coka Cobra & Walschlager Join Forces For House Heater ‘Drop This’

Rising producers Coka Cobra and Walschlager are teaming up for an energetic house stomper entitled ‘Drop This’ on January 29th. Walschlager is hot off his stellar debut release ‘Come Correct,’ while Coka Cobra is on fire with a massive mix and single on Tchami’s CONFESSION label. Their history together runs deep. The pair met while hitchhiking from EDC Las Vegas back to Los Angeles. After bonding over their love for Ableton and electronic music, the chance encounter turned into a true friendship.

A year and a half later, ‘Drop This’ was born channeling the haunted energy from the 50,000 square foot building in Downtown Santa Ana that it was created in. Combining their expert drum programming, sound design, and arrangement with addictive vocals from Jamaican MC Kapone makes it an irresistible floor-filler. Wall-to-wall pre-drop synths, lasers, and carefully placed samples round out ‘Drop This’ perfectly.

“Whether it’s a massive outdoor festival, the gym, or a sweaty underground rave, ‘Drop This’ has the power to transport the listener into a peak energy scenario. You can only find yourself after you lose it all.” Coka Cobra x Walschlager