Colyn Drops First Episode of his New ‘UNFILTERED’ Docu-Series

Globally renowned Electronic music DJ-producer Colyn releases the first episode of ‘UNFILTERED’, his insightful new multi-part documentary series about life on the road. The exclusive documentary series on YouTube showcases the ups and downs of touring life featuring special guests, unreleased music, and more.

The first episode is set in Argentina and launched on November 28th at 7 PM CEST on Colyn’s own YouTube channel featuring special guest appearances from Agustin Giri, Korolova, Belu Clavero, and Nim. The whole series will feature his own music, including previously released music, special edits created solely for the series, music that will never be released, and teasers of what’s to come.

Also giving back to the fans, the inaugural episode allowed them to sign up until the date of release to exclusively own a percentage of the video via Talentir, marking a new era in digital music experiences. ‘UNFILTERED’ now becomes the first YouTube series ever that is co-owned by fans, prioritizing fan involvement and accessibility. This fan-first model enhances the connection between Colyn and his audience, setting a new standard for artist-fan interactions.

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A new 20-minute episode of ‘UNFILTERED’ will air every Tuesday at 7 PM CET and offers a unique look into the life of Colyn on tour. It shows all sides of the DJ life from the highs to the lows, the struggles to the celebrations. Over the course of the last twelve months, he has been shadowed by talented videographer Arun for several months. In that time he has captured all the behind-the-scenes footage, up and downs from what has been an intense but extremely important period in his artistic career.

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