Coone – All Of The Lights

Coone - All Of The Lights

88%Overall Score

• Kanye West’s hit smoothly transitioned into 140 BPM
• Brutal anti-climaxes clashing with the original sound
• Crazy attention to details

When Coone has the light-bulb moment and gets a viable idea, the holy spirit does it brings the ball home! “All Of The Lights” is not the cookie-cutter Hardstyle edit of a famous pop hit, but a deeper exploration of the dynamics behind Kanye‘s work. There is a plethora of anti-climaxes that blew my socks off, and the central point to all this is the familiar lead.

The original had female vocals (sung by Rihanna) and some majestic synths which I always found rather elegant. Coone picks them up without apparent effort (yeah, just a rapid switch of BPM…) and then observes what happens: Two different anti-climax drops with weighty kicks and the lead gets reused in a genial way, with a surprise melodic finale that convinced me entirely.

It is further appreciable how Coone devoted to minor details that showcase his skills, such as the unnecessary Hardstyle vocal in the pre-drop and an orchestral performance in the main breakdown.

The feeling here is difficult to explain clearly, yet the shift from pop to Hardstyle has been flawless in “All Of The Lights”. Definitely a superlative rework of the hit in a long time.

You can listen to “All Of The Lights” here:

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