Create Your Stay-At-Home Rave Music Festival With Neon Cake Customized Clothing Brand

Music festival season might be canceled for 2020, but we all stand for supporting brands that thrive to get you right in the festival mood. Neon Cake is one of those brands that despite global pandemic are here to bring you a rave vibe you’ve missed so much. Neon Cake creates fun clothing designed for party animals who feel their oats on the dancefloor, and want to look unique while spending hours in wild dancing. 

The brand, founded by Michael D. Smith, an award-winning creative entrepreneur and Forbes Council member, is heavily influenced by cake, unicorns, and music festivals. The clothing represents a rich, vibrant color palette, which for sure will help you stand out in any crowd. 

The coolest thing about Neon Cake is not only their style and EDM-oriented quality, but the way clients can personalize their clothes. Neon Cake allows costumes to cut and customize their clothing, or as they call it, “cut their cake.” It can give you a true feeling that you design unique, and one of a kind outfit! Check out their website for more details