Cripplingg – Laser Shoot

• Vomit Dubstep? Absolutely
• Repetitive but catchy drop
• Signature melody in the track

Black Label has recently released the very first EP for this year made by the young talented producer Cripplingg. At a somewhat outlandish attempt, it has been titled “Sucks” and if read together with the artist name, you will see why (Cripplingg sucks, hah). The mentioned compilation has content of four growling productions, among which one convinced me the most to talk further about, going by the name of “Laser Shoot”.

Apart from the shenanigans with the designations, this record chooses to begin with an enigmatic atmosphere (a common theme amidst the new Dubstep trend) made with dirty sounds that complement each other. The drop arrives shortly after and it is a good one albeit a repetitive performance of the melody. After this, an atmospheric breakdown appears as if almost in the mood to troll our expectations..

I awaited to hear a second drop at the middle of the track, but the same part from the first thirty seconds comes in, a shortcoming whereas I was anticipating to hear a bit more originality, knowing that the listener has just heard the former one seconds ago. A similar synth riff occurs here but with a different tone to it. The snare sounds as if it is from a Deathstep work (or is it my imagination?). I enjoyed this round more than the earlier, as it truly gave me the neck-breaking vibe that is always welcomed. Nice one!

Anyways, the instrumental is purely made for appeasing a loyal Dubstep fan, especially if one is leaning towards the Vomitstep or Never Say Die trademarks. Despite being a vigorous performer, the repeated arrangement is slightly tiring while the intended obscure mood could be monotonous for some. Captivating, but with obvious flaws.

You can listen to “Laser Shoot” here:

Never Say Die Black Label · Cripplingg – Laser Shoot