Cristoph Unleashes Complete ‘FaCet’ Second Edition – ‘Facet Vol. 2’

Cristoph is making his trademark strides again. The progressive house champion has discharged his album christened as ‘FaCet Vol. 2’. Spanning over two instalments titled ‘FaCet Vol 2.1’ and ‘FaCet Vol 2.2’ revealed earlier, FaCet Vol. 2’ completes the album with two new tracks. The complete album is an extension of his ‘FaCet Vol. 1’ which was introduced in March this year with a similar scheme of releases leading to the complete culmination of this album.

‘FaCet Vol 2.1’ dropped on the 5th of October followed by its second volume on 19th of the same month. Adding two tracks in the form of ‘Cascade’ and ‘Wheels’ to the ones in the previous editions completes the 2nd instalment of the ‘FaCet’. The complete first installment released in March earlier this year.

The latest addition to CJ Costigan aka Cristoph’s armory has his characteristic sounds laced all over it. A true pioneer artist never intends to loiter away from his/her original roots and CJ is probably one of the leading examples of it. His signature arpeggiating pads and groovy basslines characterize each and every one of the tracks. The authentic vocal chops and associated lyrics (‘I Will Find You’ and ‘Come with Me’) staple to any Cristoph release are dominantly evident.

Check out ‘Facet Vol. 1’ as well here.