Curbi & Mike Cervello pair up to create dancefloor chaos with “The Funktion”

Curbi & Mike Cervello pair up to create dancefloor chaos with “The Funktion”

82%Overall Score

• Warehouse techno influences
• Robust drop lead
• Streamlined groove

Longtime collaborators often serve the best outcomes— look no further than Curbi and Mike Cervello— who have officially teamed up numerous times over the past years. And now we have another joint effort from the said parties; titled “The Funktion” the track has brought the monikers to Malaa’s Confession.

The onset of their collaborative journey was with “The Drum”: Released in the midst of the searing summer of 2021, the track reflected the weather equally. Packed with a medley of off-kilter samples; a Curbi signature and gritty Techno aesthetics from Mike Cervello, Heldeep Recording released a song intently focused on being the bleeding edge of house and techno, something to be well expected from both names.

As for their respective careers? Curbi and Mike Cervello seemed to be packed with hectic schedules, as their release pattern for this year has several uploads. As of recently, the British alias netted a whopping 29 million streams with “Flying” so far which came out at the tail end of last year; a testimony to Curbi’s mettle with sound engineering. Mike Cervello, best known for his high-performing synergy “You Are My Life” (with Chocolate Puma) has followed suit, sticking to his edgy techno roots with releases like “Concentrate” and “XTC.”

Okay, so let’s talk about “The Funktion.” An imposing techno-kick drum establishes a peak-time warehouse rhythm, remaining strictly sparse. A quick riser later, a gnarly lead synth enters the game with twisted pitch bending; it’s hefty and hovering and fills out the dynamics. Thereafter, another breakdown— or segue to the next drop rather— comes in and snappily hops into the final drop. Here, more obscure one-shots and other details emerge, without over-complicating the structure. Going for a bolder but minimalist tone, this tune takes cues from previous synergies like “Reverse Rewind” and “The Sub.”

Athletic, “The Funktion” should work efficiently for hyping the crowd— although it probably doesn’t rank higher than their earlier sonic alliances, in our opinion.

You can listen to “The Funktion” here: