D.O.D – Cardboard Box

• Fantastic combination between Bass and Techno
• Non-stop rhythm thanks to a fantastic composition
• Funky vibe with darker twists

When it comes to Axtone’s reputed roster, D.O.D. is a veteran who has advanced in the industry with his avant-garde production prowess, and his latest release caught me right on guard (even if it went down the radar). Looking for new releases, I struck upon this mainly for two reasons: the eye-catching artwork and the name involved. Pressing on play was a satisfying decision, for which I will try to justify in this article.

Catalogued under “Electro House” in Beatport (not surprising), the arrangement of this instrumental strongly functions with Bass House elements, with the right amount of Tech-y hints sprinkled over this delicacy. Usually repetitiveness can be expected, but this single takes a step away from that, bringing in fresh rhythms of chopped vocals without overwhelming the listener. Taking the liberty here, D.O.D. introduced a funky sensation to make the composition sway and groove more, grabby nonetheless.

The following segment is more oriented for domineering festival dance-floors due to its longer and polished build-up, and guess what, even this otherwise expected mundane portion turns out rather rhythmic. Leading that is the second drop which draws a parallel with its predecessor, but more attention on the hi-hats for the pumping effect. Ending left me somewhat desiring for more, feeling abrupt and hindering my mood which emanated from this whole song, which is hard to do so by repeating from start.

My conclusions? It is an interesting work, which I can wholeheartedly recommend to House and Techno fans, because it could be an instant favourite for them. “Cardboard Box” brims with jacking and funky cadence, perfect for raves and boiler-room parties!

You can listen to “Cardboard Box” here:

D.O.D · D.O.D – Cardboard Box