D-Stroyer x Jean Marie x Thomas Deil – Delirium

D-Stroyer x Jean Marie x Thomas Deil - Delirium

77%Overall Score

• Folk influences over a Hard Psy brutal bass
• Ensnaring melody, at least in the first segment
• Mixed reactions to the vocal

It’s a pleasure to hear another attempt at Hard Psy reworks of Folk sounds by D-Stroyer, considering that he would be into those sounds since he’s from Brazil. However, a veteran, he holds a huge catalog of hardstyle releases on all the major labels. A new idea from him, “Delirium”, is out now.

This release came out on Free Fall, featuring Jean Marie and Thomas Deil, and takes inspiration from “Greensleeves Reborn“, a successful synergy with Dimatik on Generation Smash with folk sounds. “Delirium” revives the Celtic bagpipe sound with Hard Psy schematics, keeping a hypnotic rhythm through the entire performance.

The sequence produced here was rather engaging initially, slowly turning a bit predictable in the final round. I guess it’s the vocal, which I was expecting to be something more dreamy, or in line with the other elements. However, the creators decided to pick something standard for this type of production which led to a reductive atmosphere.

Apart from the vocals, “Delirium” is a decent tune where the D-Stroyer’s experience is showcased thanks to a genuine bassline and attention to detail, especially with the drums.

I recommend listening to it, as it gave me a good time.

You can listen to “Delirium” here: