Daniel Avery shares unheard b2b mix with Andrew Weatherall

There’s no denying things are pretty average these days for a lot of people so when some light filters through the crack we’re ready to grab it and shake it with everything we’ve got.

Such is the case for a previously unreleased b2b set of techno saviour Daniel Avery and the late, great Andrew Weatherall who tragically passed earlier this year.

The previously unheard upload forms a 2-hour snippet of a b2b the fellas played way back in 2014 in Brighton. We’re picturing a young, feverishly keen Avery and of course, master Weatherall binding, blending and mixing a smorgasbord of gooey, obscure and abstract cuts of electronic as pointed out by Form Mag.

This isn’t the first crossing of the two with Weatherall remixing Averys original “Movement” into it’s own grungy and swollen thing a year prior.

The mix also coincidentally follows the release of ‘The Weatherdrive’ back in February which represents over 900 hours of Andrew Weatherall mixes, originals and remixes spanning way back to his early career in 1988. Something much needed in this time of strict isolation!

Dive into the mix below!