Dash Berlin & Blackcode Feat. Charlie Miller – Skies

• Dash Berlin back on Revealed after the disappointing “Dragonfly”
• Blackcode is getting his deserved recognition
• Quality Progressive House, with commonplace schematics

This Revealed release just couldn’t be missed, due to its significance. And I am proudly writing down these lines, mainly because of two important reasons.

Blackcode has shown imminent growth and proved himself as one of the fastest growing star in the Progressive House, with an impressive flow of quality releases. During the last two years, he “made it through the ranks” in Hardwell’s esteemed label. Starting with well-appreciable community releases, another accompanied with an ADE sampler, and then with at the main imprint itself (a bit forgettable, in my opinion). But finally, a noteworthy synergy (not to sideline the astonishing artwork by Lazca) with the producer who has believed in him since early times, the renowned Dash Berlin himself. I have had opportunity to talk with Blackcode, and found a humble and hard-working person, who has a lot of dedication and raw-talent to reach the top. Thus, I am not surprised that he is earning a lot of well-deserved recognition.

Secondly, I have a somewhat different relationship with Dash Berlin. The Dutch icon has always kept an enviable reputation, with many hits during this recent years… But on Revealed, “Dragonfly” (along with Carita la Nina) turned out to be a massive flop (in my personal opinion), and hence is my least favorite releases from that golden age. It was time that Dash Berlin made a superlative comeback!

And safe to say, I have found what I was looking for. With a crazy vocal performance from Charles Miller, the duo amazed me with a delicate atmosphere, coupled with an vigorous drop to complement it. The melody is the star performer here, and by far favorite of all the details: it’s a pleasant peculiarity you can expect from Blackcode, as he always creates such spectacular hooks.

I have dwelt too much; concluding, “Skies” may not be an genre-defying production, as it sticks to the usual boundaries, but it does that with quality and elegance. This is a sure-shot confirmation of the potential in the uprising artist and the experience possessed by the heavyweight. Excellent work!

You can listen to “Skies” here: