Dash Berlin & Timmo Hendriks – Keep Me Close

• Dutch veteran working with an underrated producer
• Nostalgic throwback to Progressive era
• Modernistic sound resonating to Protocol’s roots

Among other team-ups done recently, the Dutch Electronic icon Dash Berlin has revealed a synergy along with the uprising DJ/Producer Timmo Hendriks. The two have explored their specialty at festival-worthy anthem, and the outcome being titled as “Keep Me Close”, published on Protocol Recordings.

Usually, the mentioned imprint has focused more on Groove and Progressive style of discography, which has lured many an upcoming names of the scene. Timmo Hendriks is one of them, as the label boss discovered the talent and forged a deal for his immediate inclusion in the main roster. This is his tenth release, and it can be agreed that he has performed great so far, with other notable involvements as a co-producer in tracks such as “Need You To Know”, the recent joint-effort between Armin van Buuren and Nicky Romero. Previously, Hungarian duo StadiumX were a torch-bearer for the genre through this label, and it is refreshing to see the history re-iterating for the better. On the other hand, few months ago, the now one-man led Dash Berlin remixed Nicky’s flagship offering “Stay”. Surprising indeed, as he had debuted on his newly found brand BODYWRMR and done couple of other remixes.

Opening with dreamy vocal and astonishing riff of melodies, Berlin and Hendriks waste no time in lending a polished and elegant quality to the production. Taking cues from the golden era of 2012-2014, both of them have built a drop highly reminiscent of that time. Speaking about the collaboration, Timmo crafted the structure of the song, while Jeffrey Sutorius from Dash Berlin embedded his signature trademarks such as the punchy kicks. Unleashing with a burst of energy, the concentrated dose of the synths sway with a powerful bassline, a characteristic much needed in this style of works.

Drawing conclusion, I sincerely wish the best for Timmo, as the limelight is well-suited for him. Studio get-together such as “Keep Me Close” would truly bring back the age where EDM truly bloomed, competing equally with mainstream music in the forefronts of the trending charts.

You can listen to “Keep Me Close” here:

Protocol Recordings · Dash Berlin & Timmo Hendriks – Keep Me Close // Sept 25