Dastic Feat. Madugo – Undercover

• Shocking genre-choice for starting the year
• Monotonous structure, disappointing vocal editing
• What’s the purpose of Gemstone, then?

Alright guys, this is gonna be brutal and apologies if it doesn’t sit right with somebody, but a respectable professional such as Dastic has again found a way to get bashed in a review from us. That’s the third time (minus the charm), and it is not just another coincidence to be disregarded at its face value.

In hundreds of other releases, I have never heard a pop song on Revealed, except for a couple of songs from Hardwell and Rico & Miella’s “Forever” in 2017, at least those had Future Bass elements. Saying that I am disappointed by “Undercover” is an understatement and euphemism, especially because Revealed created Gemstone for segregating the more commercial and radio-friendly records, that would otherwise continue clashing with the desires of the fan-base of the main label.

Call me close-minded, I don’t find the urge to hear pop songs on an imprint that once was monumental to Festival music. Any average fan would rather listen to this catalogue for the dance genres exclusive of electronic-pop. As Rave Culture or Intensity has shown us last year, underground EDM still has quite the zeal and passionate following and can reach trending status. It has evolved and brought interesting variations, hence more deserved streams.

Instead, we have “Undercover”. I tried listening to it with an impartial mentality, however it is an utter flop even for Dastic and Gemstones’ standards. Madugo’s vocal has good lyricism on display yet gets distorted and muffled in the breakdown, becoming a repetitive loop in this segment. This part features a Deep House and plays slowly in a monotonous attitude, failing the task at hand: having its own persona. It’s an instant skip. Still, “Undercover” doesn’t deserve a twenty, as it is simply in a wrong place at the wrong time.

Starting the new year with “Undercover” is way off-course from bringing forth any more exciting developments for Revealed. It is not “experimenting”, but another way of gathering streams with a mundane production approach. This travesty just taints the reputable essence this record label has built over years, all under the guise of innovation and creative notions.

Worst start ever.

You can listen to “Undercover” here:


Dastic · Undercover (feat. Madugo)