Dastic – With Me (feat. Amanda Collis)

• Second release by Dastic on Revealed Recordings
• Soft, poppish vibes, badly received by fans
• Complex melody, difficult to remember

I was curious about the presence of Dastic in Revealed Recordings. I’m following him for years, I enjoyed many of his tunes (in particular: “Candy” and “Give Me Your Love“), I appreciate his deserved success. Considering that he has a style very similar to his friend Mike Williams, I always had the feeling that he wasn’t particularly standing out from the mass, as opposite to the other “bigs” such as Curbi, MW himself and Mesto. Dastic, in my humble opinion, was a good producer that kept playing it safe with standard Future Bounce.

His decision of starting a new path on Revealed could make the difference for his career: I liked the fact that his debut single, “All Fired Up“, had some “Revealed” vibes in its slighty more aggressive structure. I thought that he was finding the right signature style, with a pinch of Big Room influences… However, I can’t say the same about “With Me”, his second release, badly received by some fans, including myself.

This time Dastic offered his standard Future Bounce, accompanied by a good vocal by Amanda Collins. Technically speaking, this is a well produced craft (impressive breakdown), but I didn’t click with both the melody (somehow focusing on complexity rather than danceability) and the atmosphere… Way too soft for Revealed standards! “With Me” is a fish out of water, in an environment that concentrates on festival-oriented sounds.

Let’s remember that Dastic has been immediately considered as an important member of the roster, with a personalized series of artworks, giving the signal that the label is focusing a lot on him. It’s a “prize” for the most relevant names, such as SI, MR.BLACK, Ryos… The creator gains impressive amounts of streaming, thanks to his popular formulas, and I’m sure that “With Me” will be highly successful with numbers: that’s why he gets a special treatment.

However, I’m worried about these changes in the nature of the label, who doesn’t give me solid proofs about its future direction. Is Revealed suddenly introducing poppish Future House because Dastic is successful on streaming services, or there is a detailed plan ahead in order to evolve and slowly insert the new genre in their offering? I’m not convinced, but let’s wait…

You can listen to “With Me” here:

Dastic · With Me (feat. Amanda Collis)