David Guetta, MORTEN – New Rave EP

• Great synergy between veterans
• Techno influenced arrangement in modernistic fashion
• Notable co-producers involved such as Toby Green

Last Friday, the French veteran David Guetta and Danish hotshot producer MORTEN joined forces yet again to release a new EP entitled “New Rave”, consisting of four productions that attempt to blend the lines shared by Electro House, Acid House and others. It is often termed popularly as “Future Rave”, a distinguished niche for this kind of electronic music. Previously, both artists had posted several teasers including a video where they mentioned about this specific EP. Among this, “Kill Me Slow” was played at the #UNITEDATHOME stream live from NYC. Beside that, the other tracks have been rotated heavily in notable festivals, including the ones in Ibiza and Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF) last year.

This is not the first time since the two leading personages have agreed for a joint-effort, rather they have taken the responsibility to spearhead the trend of this breed of club weapons. They already have several hits under their belt like “Never Be Alone”, and a very recent one named “Detroit 3AM”. They have sourced their influences heavily from the 90s Rave with impressions of iconic acts such as The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. To sweeten the mixture, they have also sought the aggressive and industrial Dark Techno atmosphere.

David Guetta · New Rave

As always, as to not sacrilege brevity, I will here on present my views on the compositions included point-wise to highlight the essential facts.

1. Kill Me Slow – 75/100

With commencement of the song, there is an elevation built-up as the riser effortlessly reaches for the hook. Ironically enough, the calm demeanor allows the stamina stored to blasted with a kick softly hitting. The blissful voice from Eyelar does a splendid job at capturing the attention and appreciation, however I felt the melody a bit contrasted along with the flow of her voice. An interesting thing I noted was the presence of Arbat in the credentials, as an extra producer on the making of this track.

2. Nothing – 77/100

This has to be one of the long-awaited ones from when I heard it during its première, laden with sentimental and uplifting vibe. The structure so made, especially the signature saw-lead and the club-y kick, unveils a big surprise and excitement to the platter. With lushful vocals assisting the playful riff, the wobble-y bassline drives the dynamic drop portion with elegance. The breakdown further tests an Trance-y arp, while the finale approaches subtly! Certainly my preferred number among the others, beautifully crafted.

3. Bombardment – 76/100

Tending towards the crowd-destructive mentality, “Bombardment” does enough justice to its epithet. The heavy and hulking synth, which has a more buzzing characteristic here, does the damage and further introduces us to a ricocheting pluck hook in the break, maintaining the same vigor. This instrumental, S/O to Tom Staar for the co-production, sides more with Techno styled blueprints embedded with the underground timbre in the creation.

4. Odyssey – 72/100

Despite not pleasing me the most, I do have to commend the minimal nature and the endurance kept as the song progresses to its finality. The notes in the riff felt repetitive, unlike its predecessors which do not fail to warrant my intrigue for further developments and nuances. There are hints of Jack Back, the alias David Guetta invented for retorting to his roots, which in turn renders more points to the mentioned production.

In overall, the partnership and studio-camaraderie displayed by David Guetta and MORTEN is admirable, as they plan to engineer further synergies. “New Rave” EP has undoubtedly bestowed a distinguished standard for this year!