David Guetta & Sia – Let’s Love (David Guetta & MORTEN Remix)

• Monolithic rendition of the original
• French icon re-tracing to darker Techno tones
• The next super-duo in the Dance scene?

Without much hiatus, the reputed personages David Guetta and MORTEN have returned! The pair have been displaying splendid studio-chemistry lately with collaborations, especially the recent “New Rave EP” that came previous July. Today, they are extending their specialty by bringing out a hulking twist on “Let’s Love”, a synth-pop/New Wave production featuring the songstress Sia, a powerhouse in the pop industry. Having many electronic hits under their belt, both have been endeared for the joint-efforts they have shared in the past nine years, such as “Titanium” and “She Wolf”, which enjoyed much acclaim in the previous decade.

Divulging into this remix, BPM speeds to a heart-thumping 130 BPM, as a vicious kick takes the lead from the very start. Sia’s voice is introduced just as the warm-up drop segment hits for thirty seconds. The kick-drum has an interesting feature here, ricocheting with every strike and creating an intriguing and rumbling low-end to drive the instrumental. While a breakdown intercepts for the alluring synths from the original version to play out, the aggressive portion takes its spot with a sharp and encompassing saw-lead snatching the centre of attention. The speakers take an overload when this segment plays in its full intensity, as the creators involved here took inspiration from the menacing Berlin Techno arrangements with Electro features. According to Guetta, he wanted to experiment with a newer variant of Future Rave, one which doesn’t reiterate the sawtooth wave generated lead synth, a signature made popular thanks to his Danish colleague, MORTEN. This remix, despite simplistic structure, doesn’t fail to amaze.

It is more than clear that the Future Rave project is reaching an exciting epitome, with the veteran Tiesto teasing a work-together recently. But that is for a different article, and this Big Room-ish Tech spin on the catchy song has delivered a strong message: this tie-up has more tricks up its sleeve, and listeners anticipating for more such belters will be certainly rewarded!

You can listen to “Let’s Love (Future Rave Remix)” here:

David Guetta · Let’s Love (David Guetta & MORTEN Future Rave Remix)