De La Swing brings the party with new 'Face to Face' EP – Dancing Astronaut

De La Swing has returned with a new EP that travels the world of disco in three tracks. Entitled Face to Face, the EP sees the iconic Elrow party resident showing that he’s in full summer season mode with each track.

First is the EP’s title track with an “Enter the Rave” rework, with world music leading the way into a complex web of synths, percussion and vocal samples. It is a track that eases the listener into what’s to come, with a visceral warm up of funky combinations. Up-and-comer Shaf Huse gets involved on the EP’s second track, employing screwed vocal samples as a vehicle down the rabbit hole on his remix of “Face to Face.”

Closing out the EP is the original mix of “Dihue,” where Elrow shows his extensive knowledge of what makes a peaktime track. Its beat might not signal “Dihue” as the EP’s highest-energy track, but when the vocal loops and full range of percussion enters, it’s clear who’s boss.