De Lux Premiere Video from Forthcoming Album (EDM Sauce Exclusive)

With the duo's most matured album to date, More Disco Songs About Love, to be released next week, LA-based “disco-not-disco” De Lux are ready to take the duo to the next level. Following the release two prior albums, De Lux said:

“We like to say Voyage was our baby, Generation was our baby all grown up, and More Disco Songs About Love thinks growing up sucks and just wants to party smart.”

The duo released the record's lead single “875 Dollars” at the start the year, and today, we at EDM Sauce are excited to premiere the “Keyboards Cause We're Black And White” ficial music video. From a production perspective, the track doesn't fit into one category genre, but blends a unique variety sounds. From 70s disco, to synthesizers that were more reminiscent the 80s and video games, and to today's modern electronic music, “Keyboards Cause We're Black And White” shows a sharpened versatility for De Lux.

The track was the perfect selection for to build up the record's release with a music video. Watch “Keyboards Cause We're Black And White” below and stay tuned for the More Disco Songs About Love release next week on Innovative Leisure.