Deadmau5 Plays Impromptu DnB on Home Livestream

Deadmau5 spent the last few weeks musing about pre-recorded sets and “traditional” DJing. It seems he decided to give it a go the “old-fashioned way”. As a result, the mau5 performed his first-ever DnB set a live stream from his home. The livestream was extremely impromptu and fans were taken by surprise. The first 45 minutes of the set were DnB after which he played an hour of techno and then he was back to DnB again for the last twenty minutes of his set. Fans speculate that this impromptu live set could have resulted from the artist buying some new CDJs and wanting to mess around with them.

One fan on Reddit commented on the stream saying, “”Was not expecting this lol.”

Deadmau5 last played live last week at Musica Club in New York City, before which he played at the Breakaway Music Festival in August with Porter Robinson. Fans can expect to see a lot more of deadmau5 live with the artist going on tour across North America.

Fans who missed out on the artist’s iconic stream can stream right here.

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