Demi Lovato's Drug Dealer Admits On Camera To Selling Her Fentanyl-Laced Pills

I have some experience when it comes to drugs, recovery and everything in between. But every day that passes I find a new level stupidity among those still heavily wrapped up in the drug culture. Today's new level idiocy comes from Demi Lovato's admitted drug dealer.

In an interview with TMZ, Brandon Johnson admits to selling Lovato “after-market” pills and warning the singer that the drugs were much stronger than she might think. “After-market” for those unaware is terminology used for a prescription pill that is fake and assembled with illicit narcotics to look like the real thing. Lil Peep passed away when he ingested “after-market” Xanax which were really Fentanyl laced pills, and Demi Lovato overdosed a few weeks ago because this insane and idiotic trend as well.

While Demi is in long-term drug treatment working to get back on the right path, Brandon took an opportunity to explain his side the story with TMZ. Not only does he admit to selling and using the drugs to Lovato, but does so in a way in which he thinks makes the situation somewhat better.

Uhh, Brandon – I don't think it is going to be too long before the police are at your door. You can view the video on Consequence Sound this link.