Denmatt & Jetason – Break Away

Denmatt & Jetason - Break Away

78%Overall Score

• Refined Progressive House structure
• Standard breakdown, nice vocal
• Complex yet streamlined melody

After the saddening revelation about Timmy Trumpet, I wasn’t in the mood for giving space to the ‘bigshots’ who evidently have no time, talent, or interest to spare in creating genuine music for their fans. Rather, we want to promote the artists who actually put effort into their work and crafted something worthwhile.

Denmatt caught my attention during a preview for the upcoming tracks of Revealed releases, in this case, Dada Life’s thriving sublabel “Crash & Smile“. It’s rather underrated, focused on promoting talents and delivering festival weapons, often Future Rave or Bass House. There are a bunch of hidden jewels in there, one being “Break Away” from Denmatt and the vocalist Jetason. Considering that this is the official entrée for the Italian moniker (except for a few mashups and a 2014 release), the results are outstanding.

This is quality Progressive House, equipped with the whole medley of vibrant chords, heartfelt vocals, and a sturdy bassline pursuing the usual recipe. Here, Denmatto stood tall with the melody, which showcases a wild and vivid signature and makes it difficult to forget when the drop implodes. It’s melodic with elaborate patterns, yet doesn’t exert any bulk when synergizing with the potent bassline. The first drop, especially, has an extremely dynamic and satisfying aftertaste, leaving me to crave more.

The breakdown follows the standard norms, with a fine vocal performance rendered by Jetason, and while in there, I was anticipating more originality from the artists as they stuck to a formula enacted hundreds of times. Nevertheless, I am used to that.

“Break Away” is a gem that infrequently pops out in one of Revealed’s sublabel (Radar or C&S, and rarely on the main one) and made my week with its beautiful execution. Great job, Denmatt!

You can listen to “Break Away” here:

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