Destructo Releases Statement About Burning Man Situation

Gary Richards aka Destructo releases a heartfelt statement about Burning Man after this past week’s unfortunate situation. For those who don’t know, Burning Man 2023 experienced torrential rainfall, causing rough conditions in Black Rock City.

While it unfolded, the situation went viral, with tons of posts and articles coming out, many of which were negative. Richards clapped back against this negativity, sharing the profound love and connection he has for Burning Man; here’s some of what he had to say (see full post below):

“It is really sad to see all the negative social media about Burning Man and the people who attend. I attended my first Burning Man in 1997, and it restored my faith in humanity. I met total strangers that allowed me into their lives; we shared food and told stories to each other, and actually took the time to listen and care for one another. These types of things happen rarely in everyday society especially with complete strangers…”

Although the situation was chaotic, the show still went on, and people came prepared. Ultimately, attendees came together, helped each other, and made the best of the situation. Check out another statement about what happened from producer Spencer Brown below.

Keep your eyes peeled as people are still returning from Burning Man, and more info will come out about the situation.

Photo via Facebook: Gary Richards