Devault goes tropical with new release, 'Steele' – Dancing Astronaut

Up-and-comer Devault has been all over the map when it comes to new music releases, experimenting with everything from hip-hop productions to now tropical house. His music has characteristically remained downtempo with ominous undertones, especially compared to his hectic and high-energy sets. The producer has released new single, “Steele,” that is a definite departure from past releases, showcasing his prowess as a multi-genre producer and proving not every release has to be infused with dark and sinister sounds.

House undertones support bouncing Caribbean synths, taking “Steele” into tropical house territory. Momentary upbeat melodic track breaks fall away into echoing and distant-sounding vocals. The smooth tune manages to have a calming effect on the listener, making it another diverse addition to the producer’s growing catalog.