Devil’s in the details! Featuring the pianist Sofiane Pamart, Apashe’s record is here to make us cry.

Devil’s in the details! Featuring the pianist Sofiane Pamart, Apashe’s record is here to make us cry.

85%Overall Score

• An orchestra-EDM fusion
• Calmer flow than expected
• Trap and Dubstep vibes are still here in the background

It’s been a while since I had the honor of giving Apashe one of my first 90+ ratings, making me glad to see that the Montreal-based creative has kept pushing boundaries. Performing at Electric Forest, Tomorrowland, Igloofest, ADE, and many more with a massive tour following the launch of his album “Antagonist”, then combined with 450 million streams and getting featured as soundtracks of blockbusters such as Fast & Furious and John Wick 2 (yes, his sound fits perfectly for orchestral trailers), one would say he is absolutely crushing it at the moment.

“Devil May Cry” is a step taken further by the Canadian tour de force, pairing up with the pianist Sofiane Pamart. Bestowing elegance are the violins, a specialty that Apashe doesn’t fail to show. Together with these two potent instruments, this is a superlative ballad!

It’s a sad, steady, peaceful release: consider it based on your introspections. Personally, it was calming. The piano and violin switch with slight hints of EDM (trap in particular). First delicate and then heavier, the background introduces 808s and the subtle presence of a fulfilling bassline underneath.

“Devil May Cry” is an orchestral rendition with lineage from Apashe’s tendency to fuse Dubstep and Trap drops on top of sublime compositions, plus I’m quite happy to hear something more “classic” from time to time. The attention to details and the intact balance kept here, such as Sofiane Pamart’s piano and other minor instruments joining the dance throughout the song (ranging from pizzicato to firing hi-hats) turn the final result into an eclectic blend that isn’t so unfamiliar to Apashe. It’s even more impressive once you dig into his previous releases and get to know him further.

What a classy surprise!

You can listen to “Devil May Cry” here: