“Devotion” to celebrate 10 years of the KSHMR project: With 22Bullets, the Dharma boss delivers another genial performance

• Rework of the Nomad (and Bingo Players) hit
• Not-so-predictable approach
• Homage to 10 years of career

“Devotion” marks a significant milestone in KSHMR‘s illustrious career as he celebrates 10 years of the project. Teaming up with 22Bullets, the duo delivers yet another stellar performance, showcasing their collective genius and creativity.

The choice of 22Bullets as a collaborator holds deep significance, highlighting the parallels between the Thai artist and the veteran KSHMR. Both renowned for their hard work ethic and diverse range of ethnic sounds, the collaboration symbolizes a union of two exceptional talents. It’s a testament to KSHMR’s commitment to nurturing talent, a tradition he has upheld throughout his tenure at Dharma.

While “Devotion” isn’t a typical showcase of their signature “Dharma” style, opting instead for a rework of Nomad’s hit (popularized by Bingo Players), it still manages to impress with its unique approach. Unlike conventional reworks that follow a predictable formula (Quintino?), KSHMR and 22Bullets infuse their rendition with a refreshing blend of Psy, Techno, and Future Rave elements. The result is a dynamic and electrifying track that captivates from start to finish.

What sets “Devotion” apart is its ability to breathe new life into the original sax-driven melody. With vibrant sonic variations and a pulsating psy bassline, the track exudes energy and excitement from the get-go. The central melodic breakdown introduces a nostalgic trance vibe before seamlessly transitioning into a hard techno finale, showcasing the duo’s versatility and mastery of their craft.

While some may argue that Bingo Players’ revolutionary take on the original remains unmatched, KSHMR and 22Bullets have certainly made their mark with this rework. They strike the perfect balance between honoring the essence of the original while infusing it with their own distinct styles and innovative soundscapes. “Devotion” is a testament to their experience, talent, and unwavering dedication, destined to become a hit in its own right.

You can listen to “Devotion” here:

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