Didi + Ping Gives Nod To Natives With “Buffalo Jump” [Exclusive Premiere]

A fresh face in the scene, Didi + Ping, has released his debut track, “Buffalo Jump”. This Canadian resident is a multi-instrumentalist and experimental producer; making him quite the amazing electronic artist who produces refreshing sounds. We’re excited to share Didi + Ping’s latest track today as an exclusive premiere!

What started as a Valentine's Day gift to his girlfriend, “Buffalo Jump” evolved into a broader love letter to the wide-open spaces and historic fragments of Americana that have long instilled wonder and pride in the curious artist. The track is a smooth house cut that captures the spirit of the wild; featuring melodious flute trills, vigorous hand drums and fascinating samples of a Native American pow wow recorded by a group who still inhabit Alberta, Canada, not too far from where Kristian Wang (Didi + Ping) grew up in Calgary.

Ping reflects on the inspiration from the Natives, “I grew up in an area where all the streets are Native words. People use Native terminology without even realizing it. I’ve always been fascinated with the history of things, so “Buffalo Jump” was an attempt to capture the atmosphere of settling in North America by Paleo-Americans 12,000 years ago. In other words, the ancient ancestors of the Natives, who came to North America when there were no humans there at all. What was that like? What a strange place it must’ve been, far different from Asia.

That being said, I obviously can’t capture Paleo-American sounds from 12,000 years ago, so what better than to showcase the sounds of their descendants – the Native American people!”

We asked Didi + Ping how it feels to release his debut single. “It’s surreal. My excitement is through the roof imagining people dancing and enjoying it. But the release is also hard to believe. Music is my first language, yet I’ve never ‘officially’ released for others to listen to. I’m not entirely sure why; maybe because music has always been a personal thing for me that I never even considered sharing. This has been a journey of self-discovery, and I’m thrilled to have people along for the ride.”

Overall, “Buffalo Jump” is as energetic as it is dreamy, making it the perfect track for any environment. Be sure to grab your copy, available today at this link!

Banner photo credit: Jordan Bannister
Single art credit:Steve Fagan

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