Die Antwoord release details of their final album, '27'

It’s a sad yet exciting time. Die Antwoord announced their final studio album, 27. The duo formally announced the album would be called, The Book of Zef. They released a statement through twitter, giving fans some clues about their forthcoming album including one of the singles, “Golden Dawn.”

The South African alternative, hip-hop duo also announced their collaboration intentions for the album, teaming up with unknown artists from South Africa as well as some of their favorite artists in the world. The album will contain 27 songs along with a feature film.

They also mentioned the album will be released “unusually” in 2018. Coming from one of the most counterculture, weird, hip-hop duos in the world, “unusual” must be something out of this world.

H/T: New Musical Express

Photo Credit: @dieantwoord/Instagram