DIM3NSION – Witcher

• Dismal atmosphere
• Brisk drop
• Quirky sound design

One of the most aesthetic things about EDM is the insane amount of subgenres that it covers. If you read my reviews often, you might have realized that I mostly talk about Progressive house, Big Room and Hardstyle, but also like to experiment with some different stuff as required. Today is one of those days, and I’ll be reviewing “Witcher“, the latest creation of the maestro Spanish Trance producer of the moment, DIM3NSION.

If you’re a fan of this guy, you’ll instantly recognize his signature sound in an instant. A distal and baleful atmosphere that reminds me of “Crash” (90+)and “Santa Cruz” accompanies us during the experience, peaking with its climax placed in both breakdowns, alongside a spooky music box that hovers over the main melody. The structure is peculiar to ends and the sounds are unique and well-crafted, especially the gorgeous reverb effect working on the lead.

The drop is simple, exquisitely. It maneuvers with a bass, a monolithic lead synth-riff, a kick and few percussion. Is it enough? Of course, it is.

Trance, being a modest derivative of Techno, doesn’t always require heaps of complex melodies and chord progressions to sound great, as one can also unleash its driving power with only a handful of elements and a groovy hook. DIM3NSION showed us again that he is a master of this discipline, being able to craft whatever he demands with an enjoyable and brisk result.

Once I concluded talking about the song itself, I would like to further add that I was surprised to see this kind of music on Blasterjaxx’s Maxximize. It’s positive to see that one of the biggest labels trying to re-invent themselves, going out of their comfort zone of the brand, adding more variety and freshness to the industry!

You can listen to “Witcher” here:

DIM3NSION · DIM3NSION – Witcher [Maxximize]