Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x Armin van Buuren x Brennan Heart – Christmas Time (ft. Jeremy Oceans)

Yeap, you’ve read the rating. I took my meds, I swear!
Excellent execution of the Christmas theme
Short Progressive House drop with the recognizable bells

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, they say. Textbook Progressive House songs have found way into top of my “to-avoid” list, but I have found some unusual “allies” who are providing proof contrary to my belief.

After a fortnight of medical leave, I am glad to type another article!
Even if this one is about DV&LM, a duo who has garnered much of my loathe. However, I had to break my patience to discuss about the latest work from the iconic Armin van Buuren: who has chosen to do releases on a weekly basis lately. On a side note, this is the fun part about this industry: after all these years, there is no dearth of reviewing intriguing stuff! Anyways, without resorting to hypocrisy, I will note the credited (and not) authors involved in this collaboration titled “Christmas Time”: Jeremy Oceans (outstanding vocal performance), Brennan Heart (Hardstyle veteran), Arie Storm (songwriter), Benno de Goeij (AvB’s studio companion) and Martijn Spierenburg (composer). A crowded synergy at display here, as it often happens with DV&LM’s involvement, but the finished product is nothing short of stunning.

“Christmas Time” carefully lands on a perfect spot left uncovered. And besides, we don’t really have an befitting EDM Christmas anthem (so far)!

Pertaining radio-friendly arrangements, the record is enlivened by a holiday aura that I have rarely found in works of this genre. In fact, I was mesmerized in the breakdown portion, where the chiming and heartwarming X-mas themed bells come up, working together with the calm piano, the keyboard and not to forget the vibrant voice from Oceans, all rolled in one to deliver that vibe. The drop chooses to be brief and extends space to this mentioned bells. Interestingly, the melody sounded familiar, but the experience is positive. I have the feeling that the drop isn’t even the focal point of this song, considering its shortened duration, but just a complementing EDM follow-up to the pop-ish holiday version of the earlier segment.

I have become so used to berate the Belgian act (there are plenty reasons), but just for one time, they have not published a lazy and commercial result. It’s actually a Christmas anthem with an intelligent placement of samples and a talented team passionately crafting it behind the curtains. My hope lies for a remix pack which leads to a more underground version for clubs, otherwise this Dance music production is all-set for heavy rotation in playlists and radio. I am truly happy about this: is it solely because of the magic in this season?

You can listen to “Christmas Time” here:

dimitrivegasandlikemike · Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Armin van Buuren & Brennan Heart – Christmas Time