Diplo is starting ANOTHER new label, this time with Pizzaslime – Dancing Astronaut

Diplo‘s Mad Decent shop announced a partnership with the LA-based creative agency and streetwear brand Pizzaslime in the form of a new label arm, Pizzaslime Records, and their first release through Lonely God’s “Marlboro Nights” music video directed by Kylie Jenner’s personal photographer Amber Asaly.

The original track went viral on TikTok launching through to Spotify’s Viral 50 chart, setting up for a Lonely God EP to be released off the newly developed imprint.

In a press release, Diplo said “Pizzaslime is a movement — they are ruthless, cutting edge and crazy on top of culture. Mad Decent is teaming with them to help figure out what the music side is — the sound of the Pizzaslime brand — and bringing our two worlds, audio and visual, together.”

Known for their “Stop Looking at My Dick and start looking at the facts about climate change” pants sported by Diplo on Instagram back in January, tweet pillows, and Drake tears coffee mugs, the catchy brand and amusing DJ seem like a match made in Heaven.

H/T: Billboard

Photo credit: Sansho Scott/BFA.com