Diplo Throws Shade At Zedd, Talks About Being Booked for Fyre Festival & More [VIDEO]

The  podcast has quickly taken the internet by storm to become one the most popular pop culture podcasts driven by Adam22 and Robesman’s abilities to bring on some the most influential people in the music industry and beyond. Earlier this week they were joined by Diplo who dished on a wide variety topics that we’ll quickly narrow down for you below.

Diplo & Lil Pump Collaboration (12:15)

Diplo revealed an upcoming collaboration with Lil Pump after taking the time to praise the “Gucci Gang” rapper for this branding and use social media after talking about the EDM/rap culture crossing over.

Diplo on EDM culture (14:00)

On comparing the relationships between the hip-hop community and rap, Diplo mentioned that following the EDM explosion there were maybe a couple DJs that broke through and then “locked the door behind us” in his own words. He singled out Martin Garrix and The Chainsmokers as perhaps the last two that made it in the door before addressing the fact that EDM producers “copied everybody else’s styles.” He also referenced Zedd as an example as somebody that “jumps on whatever the trend is just to make it on the radio.”

Diplo on relationship with Skrillex (47:00)

Diplo hasn’t talked to Skrillex in awhile since they wrapped up Jack Ü, but he did say that “he was one my most influential people in the last five years his life because his attitude and what he does.” Citing Skrillex’s litany GRAMMY’s and certifications, Diplo also added that “as an artist he’s so far, for me he’s probably the best out all the DJ artists. He’s gone as far as anybody, had the most cultural impact out anybody…he changed the face LA in a way…he did so much for the city in my world.”

Diplo on “Lean On” (49:35)

“Lean On” was originally a slow, reggae song with a solid hook. Diplo changed the tempo a year later and that ended up becoming the radio version that dominated not only the radio but the streaming services which, according to Diplo, “before the majors were into it.”

Diplo on Fyre Festival (1:26:02)

Major Lazer was booked to play the maligned festival, but let it be known that they actually got paid! Even then, Diplo said that they were on their way to the island when they found out that it wasn’t meant to be, and actually turned around.

Check out the full podcast below!


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