Discover the Energetic Fusion of Hotboxx, Flynn Nolan, ….

Hotboxx collaborates once more with the talented producers Flynn Nolan and Unkwnet on their latest single, ‘The Prescription.’ Scheduled for release under The Boat House, this track thoughtfully blends Hotboxx’s dynamic signature style with Flynn Nolan’s diverse sound and Unkwnet’s skillful abilities. Presenting another magnetic collaboration among these three powerhouse talents, ‘The Prescription’ proposes a vibrant listening experience poised to uplift the dancefloor. 

Having previously joined forces with Unkwnet on tracks like ‘Disco Daniel’ and ‘Annie,’ and with Flynn Nolan on their recent release, ‘H20,’ these three innovative producers return with music that is both energetic and captivating; united by their shared passion for the colorful and lively sounds of House and Tech House, Hotboxx, Flynn Nolan, and Unkwnet harmoniously complement each other’s eclectic production skills. Hotboxx, a increasingly respected figure in the realm of Electronic Dance Music, has solidified his position as a top Producer and DJ over a decade of honing his craft, with an impactful artistry that is evident in his work, from his radio show ‘All The Smoke’ to his dynamic productions and lively DJ performances.  

‘The Prescription’ takes listeners on an entrancing journey with its gradual build-up, pulsating rhythms, and funky vibes right from the outset. The track maintains a heightened energy level throughout, featuring groovy shuffled beats, vibrant synths, and captivating basslines that evoke the essence of club music. The hypnotic vocals and meaningful lyrics further enhance the track’s thematic significance, embodying the essence of a musical prescription. 

Listeners can get ready to embark on an immersive experience with this latest release,  now available via The Boat House label for streaming and download on various platforms. Stay updated on Hotboxx’s latest projects by following him on social media platforms, as this emerging producer promises a stream of high-energy and compelling productions, solidifying his presence in the Electronic Dance music scene. 

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