DJ Jordan’s ‘Unleashed Passion’ is One to Remember

If anyone knows how to get people off their feet to the dancefloor and get the club bouncing, it’s DJ Jordan. Ever since starting his career back in the ’90s, DJ Jordan has devoted a huge portion of his time getting to know the intricacies of the dance music industry through listening to music, learning to understand it, and implementing it into his own sets and music production. He has seen bountiful success since starting off in the clubs of Berlin, with his productions and remixes being featured on huge and influential imprints like Bonzai Records, Low Spirit, Suicide Robot, and Ostfunk just to name a few. His latest release ‘Unleashed Passion’ is sure to send ripples through the Techno scene and is another release to add to the discography of a long list of heavyweight productions to come from this talented artist.  

DJ Jordan takes a more trancing and psychedelic approach with his new release ‘Unleashed Passion’. He kicks off this hard-hitting Techno anthem with a subby kick drum teamed with a cracking snare drum backed by wavering industrialised synths that echo through the track and send shivers down your spine. Groovy melodies drenched with reverb engulf you as the acidic synths fade in and the angelic vocals commence, leaving you in a daze as the tension rises and a barrage of snares build-up to a melting point before the track descends into full acidic fury. The perfectly executed baseline and kick tag team commence again and we are left to enjoy the track in full swing. The Toma Hawk remix changes the vibe of the song, with more subtle nuances added into the mix to provide that deep sense of atmosphere. While aspects of DJ Jordan’s original remain persistent, Toma Hawk uses his skill and dexterity for music production to take us on an entirely different journey with his remix, the incorporation of the low-end grungy FX and ominous laser effects keeps us locked in as the booming kick drum drives the track forward, a blissful Techno treat. 

This is DJ Jordan’s first experience working alongside the imprint ‘Lakota Music to showcase his inimitable knack for music production, and he definitely seems to be in the right place. There is no doubt that DJ Jordan will excel working with this renowned Techno label, and we are excited to see what’s in the pipeline for his next release, but right now we are going to kick back and tune into ‘Unleashed Passion’, a real Techno stormer.  

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