DJ Snake- Trust Nobody (Habstrakt Remix)

• Fast-pitched vocals, awesomely rude
• Real bass house vibes akin to Jauz
• Definitively festival-oriented version

Ironically enough, the latest revelation from Parisian heavyweight DJ Snake “Trust Nobody”, did not manage to convince me entirely on its own. The rework from Malaa and Valentino Khan explore further experimentations, but I was on the lookout for something more rapid, or simply of higher BPM. Granting my wishes, Habstrakt appeared with his rendition of the single. Even if I haven’t followed his discography with fuller attention, this remix came to the rescue.

This Bass House arrangement helps me reminisce of the veteran signatures of the likes of Jauz and Holy Goof, a style tending closer to the underground scene. One of its strongest features is the continuous and hard-hitting beat layout which is incredibly danceable. In spite of the heavier inclination towards the Jauz-oriented drop segment that has perhaps become commonplace, it is the vocal, which assists in embedding a grittier and rudely addictive vibe!

In all candid-ness, the following segment is a fitting and well-built connection that adjoins the track’s rhythm, transforming it into an unceasing vibe, enhanced with vicious kick-drums and prancing hi-hats in the earlier portion.

The vocal from the original version of “Trust Nobody” proved its role as an inspiration and augmentation, making the remix pack a great experience. The mentioned House act has done an excellent job on this one, and would not be surprising if this becomes the most played variant alongside the prototype.

You can listen to “Trust Nobody (Habstrakt Remix)” here:

DJ SNAKE · Trust Nobody (Habstrakt Remix)