DØBER – Tear The Roof

• Confession-style Bass House schema
• Cold, brutal drop
• DØBER mixed Tech House with Protocol’s Groove… And it worked!

With Protocol Recordings going all groovy last week with their “Grooves EP”, the clubbish mood continues thanks to DØBER and his dark vibes! The Bass House artist is back with his latest release “Tear The Roof” and, in my humble opinion, we are a colossal banger in front of us.

You may know DØBER’s previous alias, Sam Void, a previous Protocol Veteran specialized in softer groovy vibes. He worked, in the past, with established Protocol Names such as Ovion, Maximals and Thomas Newson, with positive results. However, after his last track “Feel The Low” in January 2019, the artist took a long break for a year, returning with a new name and style. DØBER, despite being less radio-friendly than usual, has captured the attention of many fans, thanks to his well-received “Twisted EP”.

Speaking about “Tear The Roof”, we have a Confession-style Bass House pattern with an extremely energetic schema. A good buildup starts up the dances, followed by a hard-hitting sequence of synths. No space for emotions, just pure dark energy, constantly hitting in a repetitive pattern. The drop is heavy, aggressive and keeps playing hard with a powerful bassline accompanied by the previously mentioned synths. There are Tech House vibes, a distinctive train of DØBER’s style, who’s mixing them with different influences. Personally, I loved how the producer has already shown a fresh signature style with just 4 releases; with “Tear The Roof”, I really felt that this sound has true potential. In addition, the composition represents a perfect club/festival weapon, thanks to its captivating schema.

Overall, “Tear The Roof” fits well with Protocol Recordings groovy attitude, while bringing a fresh tech-y influence to the table. DØBER demonstrates to be an interesting project for Romero’s brand, and I’m extremely curious to see his next steps.

You can listen to “Tear The Roof” here:

Protocol Recordings · DØBER – Tear The Roof