Don Diablo Releases The Gorgeous New Vocally Driven Single – 'Heaven To Me'

Don Diablo released a truly massive album earlier this year. Other artists would take a pretty long break after creating something as special at ‘Future'. Not Don though, in order to keep his momentum (see what I did there, it's a pun) going in the remainder Don has been dropping tracks at an astonishing pace.

Today we can a chance to hear his latest single, ‘Heaven To Me' which features perfect vocals from Alex Clare. The song is what one might expect from Don Diablo. The thing that really sets this tune apart from the rest of Don's releases is the masterful use of the vocals.

Alex Clare really gave it his all on the vocals for ‘Heaven To Me', and Don wisely chose to produce a track around them instead of awkwardly trying to place them on top of a previously finished track.

Check out the new single below from Don Diablo and Alex Clare