Doppla Has Come Out Of Nowhere In 2018, But You Need To Pay Attention

Who is doppla? We don’t know…

What we do know is that his style follows that G Jones, Tsuruda, Um.. and others in that it’s wonky as all hell and has some absolutely crazy sound design. It seems that whoever doppla was in 2017, all traces past tracks have been removed to make room for a new sound.

Doppla started 2018 f with a crazy collaboration with Holly entitled “B.O.B Thinks The Earth Is Flat,” which, if you didn’t know, he does. He then followed it up yesterday with “F U.” Both tracks embody the same kind disregard for common sense production that we would hope from a new producer who’s trying to break in. From the rolling snares to the f-kilter tempo and squelching bass notes, doppla is clearly appealing to a specific vibe and we’re all about it.

Check out his first tracks below as we await this EP that is coming soon.