Dosem Announces New Album Desire And Releases First Single

Prepare for the arrival of Spanish superstar Dosem’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, Desire. this summer. With a remarkable career spanning over 15 years, Dosem is a name you must know. Just last week, he made this electrifying announcement and graced us with his first single, ‘Answer’ featuring the talented SOHMI. Desire is slated for release via Anjunadeep on August 30th, following his successful releases of Time After Time EP, Digital Futures EP and Dream Decoder. Get ready for a musical journey like no other.


Dosem, known for creating club anthems that have provided the soundtrack for late nights and early mornings on dancefloors globally. Desire is a captivating 12-track album inspired by the connections made on the dancefloor. The album is influenced by the euphoric atmosphere of 90s progressive house and techno, revitalized through Marc’s modern lens to emphasize themes of community, connection, and passion.

Desire’ is my homage to and vision of progressive house, a genre that significantly impacted me when I first started listening to electronic music. It is a return to my roots through an album that captures the experience of falling in love on a dancefloor during the sunset of an eternal summer, where the rhythm grows like a wave until it reaches a climax of escapist euphoria; that magical moment of connection with oneself and with others. An album that blends emotion, rhythm, and passion. Desire is an emotion that contains those ingredients and is something profoundly human that moves us and drives us to act, an eternal vital rhythm that resonates with dance. A constant pulse that grows until it manifests a dream.

Marc Dosem

The first single released from the album is ‘Answer’, a collaboration between Marc and SOHMI. SOHMI’s catchy vocal topline, combined with a hard-hitting bassline, creates a perfect track for various dancefloors. The album will include collaborations with Anjunadeep’s favourite HANA, featuring her vocals in ‘Ethernal’, and ‘Cold Shores’ featuring Carla Werner. Check out the album tracklist below. You can pre-order the vinyl here.

Desire Tracklist

Desire – Dosem

Ethernal – Dosem feat. HANA

Tranced House – Dosem

Conjunction – Dosem

Answer – Dosem feat. SOHMI

Up To You – Dosem

Sensations – Dosem

Deeper Connection – Dosem

Unjetlag – Dosem

Sunsetter – Dosem

Kodez – Dosem

Cold Shores – Dosem feat. Carla Werner

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