Drake's 'In My Feelings' gets a basslift from ETC!ETC!, Jay Silva, & 2DLQTZ – Dancing Astronaut

This summer was full of music, but there was one track that did particularly well. It received 393 million streams in only an 81-day span, had it’s very own viral dance challenge, and had a full length music video. Most will know exactly which track this is, but for anyone who doesn’t, it was none other than Drake‘s catchy anthem, “In My Feelings.”

With so much traction around the release, it’s no surprise that people around the world would create their own renditions and videos, but not all of them would stand out as much as the freshly released electronic remix by ETC!ETC!, Jay Silva & 2DLQTZ. The trio completely turned the song on its head, giving it a major bass boast, a little bit of Latin flavor, and drops that will make people forget all about Kiki. To top it all off they released it as a free download, so enjoy!


Photo credit: Getty