DROELOE Formally Announces Split

Renowned Dutch DJ duo DROELOE announced recently that they are formally breaking up. The duo, Vincent Rooijers and Hein Hamers respectively, are going to continue their careers separately. This is according to an official statement released on Twitter

Vincent and Hein’s Official Statement

The official post on Twitter recounts the electronic DJ duo’s origins before getting into the details. The crux of the split notes an “imbalance” in how the pair works. An excerpt from the post from DROELOE notes, “Seeing that we are very different as people and both have very different roles within the project (DROELOE)…we noticed along the way his narrative would lead to an imbalance in the way we work together.”

DROELOE Continues

Rooijers will continue to make music under the DJ name DROELOE. Hamers will pursue his own endeavors. Also noted from the post by DROELOE, “That’s why, after long conversations about what we both want in life, we decided to continue both our stories separately. Vincent will continue to make music as DROELOE, adding new chapters to that story. Hein will continue to make visual art for other/multiple projects and is, therefore, able to challenge different aspects of his creativity.”

Mutual Agreement on the Split

Rooijers and Hamers appeared to indicate in the announcement that the decision to split was mutual. Closing out the post, DROELOE states, “We want to emphasize that we came to this mutual agreement by thinking hard about what we both want out of life. So that is the focus, pursuing the lives we really want. It’s not the end, it’s a new chapter for both of us.” Following the co-authored official post, Rooijers and Hamers each also posted their own individual announcements regarding the break-up.

Fans’ Reactions

With all that 2020 has thrown at the world, fans appear to have taken the news surprisingly well. Comments on social media, by and large, wish the duo well in their future endeavors. A large number of fans consider the parting bittersweet, while another section looks towards the future of DROELOE with Rooijers at the helm with excitement.