Dubdogz – Pablo Escobar (feat. Charlott Boss)

• Questionable and theme selection
• Generic, generic, generic instrumental
• Contemptible, if not apathetic

Trends can be for better or worse, and they etch history in the course of their run. For music, it’s ever evolving shape and tastes makes it fascinating to observe. That being said, Dance music is now headed by multiple bandwagons, one of which leading is “Slap House”. Tracing its roots from Brazilian Bass and Deep House, the commercial success of this profitable niche of EDM is undeniable. From Dutch veteran Afrojack to new names such as LIZOT have done it, with more upcoming names attempting to gain reputation and streams while it’s there.

Claiming to be exasperated from the prosaic nature of this style will be a wastage of valuable time. It is in history of this specific industry, and will continue to occur periodically now and then. But what made me pen this article is the newest single from Brazilian duo Dubdogz, who have spearheaded this kind of music since its get-go. Generously naming their creation as “Pablo Escobar”, the sheer indolence in this “song” is bitterly comical.

Alright, where to even begin in this predicament? The center theme of this song is upon loneliness, but why mention the most notorious criminal to state the degree of solitude? The lyrics, as usual, are bereft of any sense, added to that is heartwarming mentions of the drug kingpin. The instrumental is textbook combination of rattling bassline, which still would have been decently passable, if not catchy. And bear with me, the cringe-worthy section comes right before the finale, when a cut-and-dried vocal repetition of the title happens, which left me uncomfortably speechless and questioning my decision of even listening. It’s a lazy, simple, predictable structure that bases its existence on a catchy vocal, the trending genre and a funny music video.

If the artists or anyone directly or indirectly involved in this production are reading this (subjective) write-up, I am sincerely requesting not to garner for attention by going to lengths of actually trying to gain from the image of a despised felon. Not only is it immoral and negative for the brand you have worked hard for, it is simply wrong and things best left alone.

You can listen to “Pablo Escobar” here:

Spinnin’ Records · Dubdogz – Pablo Escobar (feat. Charlott Boss) [OUT NOW]