Duke Dumont Releases New Track ‘Losing Control’ And It’s An Absolute Banger

Duke Dumont – Losing Control

The name Duke Dumont has been all over the industry these past weeks. Now, the English DJ and producer is back with a new release to remind us that he’s all about the music, not the drama. Once again, the mastermind behind some of the biggest hits in dance music’s history delivers a perfect hit. Duke Dumont’s newest track is titled ‘Losing Control’.

Duke Dumont is, in my opinion, a great example of a project that managed to maintain its essence and not sell out after reaching the highest stages of the industry through the release of a massive hit. With each release, Dumont showcases his deep knowledge of house music. He’s not afraid to use all of the musical influences he’s grown up with to build something new. Something that brings together the sounds of the early days of house music and the current styles.

Duke Dumont

Losing Control

Having been the apex of Duke’s live shows for the past few months, following the overwhelming reaction from fans, comes ‘Losing Control‘. A modern take on melodic techno nostalgia. It features vocals from The Boxer Rebellion frontman Nathan Nicholson. ‘Losing Control’ is a masterclass from one of the world’s most versatile electronic musicians. On the new single, Duke said:

 “I made this record alongside Nathan Nicholson with my live show experience in mind. Strobe lights, iconic visuals, anthemic synth leads, and a vocal hook that conjures paranoia or liberation, depending how you interpret the song. At the festivals I’ve been playing it’s been a big moment for the set”.

Once again, Duke Dumont delivers a massive track. The English DJ seems unable to do any wrong. After grabbing the spotlight for calling out a group of DJs that refuse to play tracks of DJs they see as competition, he returns with a new track to prove that, in the end, those who do it for the love of the music are the ones keeping the industry alive.

Stream Duke Dumont’s new track ‘Losing Control‘ Featuring Nathan Nicholson out now!