DVBBS & Quinn XCII – West Coast

• Polished production and sound design
• Excellent vocal delivery by Quinn XCII
• Potential winter radio-hit

I dislike DVBBS in both personal and musical aspects, considering their sexual misdemeanor allegations, coupled by drug-possession arrest and KSHMR admitting to have been their ghost-producer. The Canadian duo have long descended into my blacklist and lost my prior respect.

However, art and the artist can be separated at times to give an neutral opinion of their works, and hence I let the music speak instead of the businessmen behind it. Even if I don’t know who was directly involved with the song “West Coast” (David Von Mering and Grant Yarber are “co-producers”, new names for me), nevertheless I tried to listen to it with an open mind and gather my views.

Regardless of the notorious reputation this pair has built so far, an exception can be drawn on them for being shrewd with their discography. With a catchy vocal from Quinn XCII and a funky attitude bound, I was quite intrigued with the rhythm it demonstrates. It is a typical summertime tune that is themed around freedom and entertainment, and the message is actually likeable. It is surprisingly not Slap House, but rather a more Tropical/Deep House variant that can be promoted easily for heavy rotation at major playlists and radio stations. Having a distinct personality to stand out, the observation that it feels like a lower quality “Summer Days” cannot be ruled out. Not a straight copy as there are discernible variations which can be appreciated.

An elegant experience awaits with the grasping riffs and the interesting ideas, such as the vocal shots, a curious cowbell and a bassline that denies to be intrusive and aggressive! Quinn XCII is a talented artist, as his voice is clearly the driving element in the composition and deserves the most credit.

I won’t recommend “West Coast” and not even entertain it with a positive rating in fact. My support has long been withdrawn from such kind of people. However, if you hear it in the radio, it could be fun to listen; a good Electronic pop-oriented track with archetypal summer-ish tonality, but nothing more.

You can listen to “West Coast” here:

DVBBS · West Coast (ft. Quinn XCII)