Eden Prince Springs Out With “Love You Again”

UK house producer Eden Prince brings out the refreshing single “Love You Again” just in time for the dawn of a new season. Released via D4 D4NCE, “Love You Again” also features Akua’s powerful vocals.

In addition to releasing a number of impressive remixes for artists like Kelly Clarkson and putting his own spin on the 1985 Siedah Garrett track “Do You Want It Right Now,” Eden Prince also released his 6-track Memories EP. Over the course of this past year, Eden Prince has shown no signs of stopping with his musical footprint.

Following his brand of soulful house, the London-based producer pushes a funky chord progression in “Love You Again.” The song’s percussive elements make way for a rich piano melody, creating an energizing yet mellow atmosphere. Akua’s silky vocals pour over Eden Prince’s club-ready production, setting the scene for any partygoer’s return to the dancefloor.

Eden Prince’s latest release illustrates the producer’s consistent and fervent sound, tackling house in a way that pays homage to its origins while offering a modern spin. “Love You Again” also comes in the form of an extended mix version, with an extended look at the song’s percussive build-up introducing Akua’s vocal echoes.

Listen to Eden Prince’s “Love You Again” below or stream the song via your favorite music platform.