EDM Collective Founded By Dana Parker 3 to 7 Drop Debut Self-Titled Record

Diamond Bar, CA-based artist Dana Parker, founder of EDM collective 3 to 7, has just released their debut self-titled album, sharing for the first time with the world, a collection of 8 original tracks. From the best session musicians in LA to the latest technologies, 3 to 7 is the kind of album EDM aficionados search for months before finding. The Motown technique of production and recordings have been used by Dana Parker to craft this sonic masterpiece, and it is worth mentioning that Parker has worked himself with the legendary producers Gwen and Berry Gordy, from the iconic label Motown. 3 to 7 will make some heavy noise on the airwaves thanks to its innovation and rare professionalism, in a time where most EDM music has become too similar from one release to the other. With 3 to 7, it’s quite the opposite, and you’ll never hear anything close to it!