EDMsauce.com Artist of the Week: Ghost Ram

Welcome back to yet another edition of EDMsauce.com's Artist of the Week Series. This week we are taking a deep dive into the up and coming producer / artist / rapper, Ghost RAM! 

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, the soundtrack to RAM’s childhood was a diverse array of music, ranging from Motown stalwarts, such as Marvin Gaye and The Temptations, to classic rock titans, like The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. “It’s a bit cliché, but for me, music has never been about genres,” states Ghost RAM. “My parents had wide-ranging musical tastes, so growing up I listened to a little bit of everything. ” – Ghost Ram

It wasn’t until his college years at Georgetown University that he got the inclination to create his own music. One random afternoon he was going through all of his new music and came across The Grey Album by Danger Mouse, an event that changed his life. “That album is what really set me down the path towards making music. I was entranced by the unique ways Danger Mouse blended two very different sounds, and once I really studied what he did to create it I immediately set out to on my own music-making adventure.”

His goals for 2020 are to continue to hone his DJ skills with the RAM’s World series, as well release his own music. Given his diverse tastes, fans can expect his sounds to continue to blend elements from the worlds of both dance and rap music.

RAM’s World: Volume 2 is the follow-up to Ghost’s RAM popular

RAM’s World Volume 1 mix that was released in January. Volume 2 recaptures the energetic formula of the highly acclaimed debut mix that has been streamed over 120,000 times. Originally slated for a May launch, Ghost RAM bumped up the release date after having to cut short his European recording trip due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As he spent most of the year in Europe, Ghost RAM was quarantined upon his return to New York and spent two weeks isolated in his apartment. It is during these two weeks that he completed Volume 2.

“Given the suffering and pain around the world, my first impulse was to abandon my projects until everything normalized, However, after some reflection, I realized that it’s music and the arts that can help pull people through these tough times, whether they’re fighting the virus or socially isolated at home. As bad as things are, hopefully music can inspire people and give them at least a brief reprieve from everything that’s going on in the world.” – Ghost ram

As with the first mix, Volume 2 blends multiple genres to create a lively and uplifting atmosphere. The first section of the mix features several remixes of popular hip-hop songs by Roddy Ricch and Young Thug before transitioning into the big room sounds of BROHUG,
Kaskade, and Matisse & Sadko. Ghost RAM then transitions in a breakdown section with a number of melodic and low-tempo tracks.

The project concludes with a number of energetic remixes to several popular classics by Whitney Houston, The Killers, and Yellow Card, as well as Dave Edwards’ new dynamic remix of the viral sensation Rascal by RMR.

“I approached the project as though I was creating a monster festival set. I wanted to take listeners on a musical journey where they’ll hear new music, new takes on their favorite classics, as well as a few tracks they probably wouldn’t expect to be paired together.” – ghost ram

Roughly two months after its release, RAM’s World Volume 1 has racked up an impressive 120,000 streams and Ghost RAM is hoping fans will be as receptive to his latest release. His plan for the coming weeks is to finish recording his first single which he hopes to release early this summer.

He initially planned to record the single in Europe this spring but had his trip cut short due to the COVID-19 crisis. With a stay-at-home ordering in place in New York for the foreseeable future, he intends to occupy his time recording at home.